Plant Riparian Areas

We can provide FREE native plants to help improve water quality in stream, ditches, and wetlands on your property!

Please see details below or call Watershed Steward Aneka Sweeney 360 526-2381 x103 today!

When waterways (streams, ditches, ponds or wetlands) are not buffered from adjacent land uses by native trees and shrubs there is an open pathway for pollutants to reach the water.

"Riparian" refers to areas along watercourses that in healthy natural areas are thick with native vegetation. Riparian areas serve many functions including shade to keep the water cool and habitat for aquatic species. Riparian areas also serve as buffers capable of filtering any land bourne pollutants before they reach the water.

The Chums encourage all area residents with waterways to consider planting native trees and shrubs to protect and improve the water on their property and downstream. Native plants can also be purchased inexpensively at the Whatcom Conservation District's annual Native Plant Sale. The Conservation District also has other programs where native plants can be planted for landowners at no charge.