Develop a Conservation Plan

We can provide funding of up to $3,000 to help improve practices on your farm that protect water quality in the watershed.

Please see details below or call Watershed Steward Aneka Sweeney 360 526-2381 x103

Agricultural operations ranging from small crop fields to small livestock farms to large commercial dairy and berry growers all make the Terrell Creek Watershed home. Fertilizers from crop fields and manure from livestock may be a significant source of the contamination found in Terrell Creek and Birch Bay.

Most if not all farms could prevent contaminated runoff from impacting waterways by implementing a few "Best Management Practices" (BMPs). A Farm Conservation Plan for your property will help you to understand potential problems on your farm and will detail practices to address those problems.

The Whatcom Conservation District can work with you free of charge to develop a plan that will ensure clean water and a healthy productive farm. A farm conservation planning webpage will provide details on how a farm plan might help your operation. The Chums encourage all area residents with crop fields or livestock to contact the Whatcom Conservation District and develop a farm plan for your property. BMPs that improve water quality also improve animal health and production. Examples are manure storage/compost facilities and heavy use areas that will protect pastures during the rainy season.